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Board Meeting Comments

The Authority shall adopt by resolution standard procedures and requirements for public comment made during a remote public meeting, as well as for public comments submitted in writing in advance of the remote meeting. This shall include standards of conduct to be followed by the public when making comments. 


The notice of the meeting shall also advise members of the public that they may submit written comments or questions to the Board by mail as follows: 


Bayonne Housing Authority 

Attention: Board of Commissioners Public Comments 

549 Avenue A, P.O. Box 277

Bayonne, New Jersey 07002 


The notice must also provide the option for members of the public to email comments or questions to www.bayonneha.org/meeting/board-meeting-comments.html (note: this or a similar web address will be created) 

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All such written comments or questions must be submitted 72 business hours in advance of the meeting. They shall be read aloud and addressed during the meeting in a manner audible to all meeting participants and the public. The reading of all written comments shall be subject to the same time limitations imposed on in-person participation at 5 minutes. Each comment shall be read from the beginning until the time limit is reached. The Board may pass over duplicate comments however, each duplicate comment shall be noted for the record with the content summarized. If the Board elects to summarize certain duplicative comments it must not summarize certain duplicative comments while reading others individually. The Board may post responses to public questions on the Authority’s website within a reasonable timeframe.